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New Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy is Now Open! 

8-week Home Health Sales Training Course Now Available On-demand 

New Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library Included

The New Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy

The Perfect Home Health Sales Learning Environment

At the core of the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy is the 8-week Home Health Sales Training Course.  Students have access to the course plus all of the elements in the Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library.  With each student registration, they have access to:

  • 8-week Home Health Sales Training Course
  • Sales Resource Vault containing short videos that provide quick refresher for the skills learned in the class.
  • Learning Library containing articles, research, forms and instructional documents to support their ongoing success.
  • With the Enterprise version, Sales Managers have  access to see how their sales team members are progressing in the course and special sales management support documents.
  • Office Hours - Michael Ferris, Trainer in Chief, will hold office hours periodically that will be offered only to students enrolled in the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy.

The Home Health Sales Training 8-Week Course is now available on-demand.  This means you can sign up all of your sales team and provide them with the best of class sales training virtually, at their convenience.  You will also be able to offer the exact same training experience to each new sales professional as part of your consistent on-boarding program.

Once registered, the student receives their personalized access code for the 8-week course, plus a special pre-course class letting them know what to expect, how to prepare and get the most out of the class.  They will receive a survey to tell us what is most important to them, about their background and skill level and to ask any questions.  And, they have immediate access to the New Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy, chock full of all types of resources to support their success.

  • Sales Resource Vault with:
    • Short videos to reinforce sales skills learned in 8-week course on the fly!
      • Handling the Current Pandemic Objections
      • Sales Defaults to Never Get Caught Off Guard or Unprepared
      • Successful Solution Presentations using RAFT Method
      • Selling Multiple Service Lines
      • Care Transitions Coordinators / Clinical Liaisons (coming soon)
      • And more will be added every month...
  • Learning Library Toolkit:
    • Useful Forms to Support Sales Best Practices:
      • Developing and Managing Your Top P1 Prospect List
      • Luncheon or Major Presentation Planning Form
      • Lunch or Major Presentation Rules for Success
      • With more to be added every month...
    • Sales Management Special Support Documents
      • How to Coach Your Sales Professional Through Each Week of the 8-week Course and Beyond
      • Territory Alignment
      • Creating the Sales Coach Position in Your Agency
      • Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring, Onboarding and Retention Strategies
      • Incentive Compensation Plans
      • With more to be added every month...

I have always said, find out what is important to your customers and know what they need and want. In creating this virtual learning program, I asked you what you need and designed it based on what you told me. I think you will be thrilled and I am really excited to tell you all about it.

You let me know:

  • Just how tough it is financially right now for you

  • How stretched for time you are

  • How important referral partner relationships are and the flow of consistent quality referrals

  • Your sales teams are frustrated

Let’s Start with the New Pricing Structure:

$249 per student (1-19 licenses)
$199 per student (20+ licenses)

How did Healthcare Strategica manage to cut the prices this low?

  • Healthcare Strategica has made a major investment in technology and a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) platform. Many of the administrative tasks are automated which eliminates labor costs for us. Learning library, resources, quizzes, surveys and additional resources are all automated. Student reminders, scheduling, reporting and tracking are also automated. This allows us to take a longer-term view and establish processes that provide you added value, enhanced communication, and ongoing information about your sales professional’s progress. As a result, you get significantly more for a lot less!

  • We also cut $50 per student off our best new pricing for the first 1000 students enrolled; this is a reflection of Michael Ferris’ love for what we do. Due to your sales professional’s added success they enable more members of your communities to receive the gift of hospice and home health. We are giving back $50,000 to the industry in a direct credit to you on an individual student basis. (after first 1000 students, prices will increase by $50 per student)

How do We Save You Time?

The care and feeding of your home health sales team takes time, giving them the support and training is tough and sales leadership have a lot more on their plate right now. With this new infrastructure, we handle the training and support for them and all you have to do is register them. For new hires, your new process becomes as simple as having HR give them their registration for the course as part of their onboarding. You receive reports (currently only for Enterprise Training Clients) on their progress and they feel loved and supported.

Referral Partner Relationships and Quality of Referrals

With this course, your sales team gets the best quality home health specific sales training that teaches them the strategies, tactics and approaches to develop stronger referral partner relationships. No matter how tenured a home health sales professional, our training is proven to improve their effectiveness from reconnecting them with what made them successful to begin with. They will learn the accounts to target for certain types of referral partners, the ability to verbalize the value propositions for each and the approach to deliver the quality referrals. This training teaches the questions to ask, how to present the solution and objections to expect. In other words, how to combat declining starts of care. Their bonus compensation is in danger and they don’t like it.

How Does the Course Work?

There was also some confusion about how the courses work and why they make so much sense for your organization. When you compare our offerings to any others available, you will see that you get a proven, successful process delivering much greater breadth of training and resources. This means you get more for less!

The 8-week Hospice Sales Training Course is now available on-demand. Once you register, the student will receive their personalized access code for the 8-week course, including a special on-demand pre-course module letting them know what to expect, how to prepare and get the most out of the class. They will receive a survey to tell us what is most important to them, about their background and skill level and to ask any questions.

  • The students will have access to the 8-weekly courses starting on day one, after completing the first course, they will have access to the subsequent courses one week apart. This makes sure they follow the design and get the full benefit of the use of what they learned in their accounts between lessons.

  • If your student has a vacation or illness or whatever interruption, they will be able to resume the course and continue at their pace and on their schedule.

Michael Ferris

“This course gives you everything you need to have your entire sales team trained using my best practice, proven home health sales skills and strategies. For the last twenty years, I have perfected this sales training process and now I can bring it to you at a price that meets your sales training budget needs. You will want to provide this course to your entire team and then each new hire. For under $250 per student they get access to the course and much more.”

Michael has trained thousands of the top performing home health sales professionals and wrote the top selling books on the subject. He has consulted to and developed training for the most successful home health organizations. His current book, “Definitive Guide to Home Health Sales: Achieve Superstar Success” is available at a special price when you register for this course.

Here are the Eight Top Reasons to Sign Your Team Up Today:

1. Value

We were able to cut pricing to the bone to bring amazing value to you right now, when you need it most and into the future. This is as a reflection of what is most important to you today and into the future.

New Pricing Structure:
$249 per student (1-19 licenses)
$199 per student (20+ licenses)

Enterprise Program Details:
(Note: you may purchase as many student licenses as you wish, they do not expire and can be used as you onboard new sales professionals. For example, if you have 8 team members to train today, but would like to have the value added elements of the Enterprise Program, then buy 10 or more and you will have your current group trained plus have extra licenses for new hires and the added benefits of the Enterprise Program.)

10 – 19 Sales Professionals registered ($249 per student)

  • Sales Leadership tips and techniques to make sure your team gets the most out of the course

  • Weekly reporting of your team’s progress, successes, quiz results

  • Weekly sales management tips to support your team in using these new skills each week

  • Metrics to measure their success

20+ Sales Professionals registered – only $199 per student

All of the above plus:

  • Michael Ferris will speak at you sales meeting (virtually) before start of 8-week course to set the stage or at anytime during the course, provide the team ability to ask questions, state goals for each, gain their confidence and build excitement. Time allowing, we can discuss any current initiatives or challenges. (Up to one-hour call – value $500)

Note: Customized Sales Training Courses are available and priced based on number of students and customized content. Contact Michael Ferris at

2. Time Saving Solution / Long-Term Partner Relationship:

You told us that you don’t have enough time. Your leadership team and sales management are strapped for time under normal circumstances and in current environment is impossible. This sales training system is designed to provide you the best training available for your team with the least amount of time from your management team.

The goal is to be your long-term outsourced sales training and management support partner. With our new system we will set you up to be able to issue log-in instructions for each new hire as a part of your best practice sales professional onboarding. This way each of your sales team members will have the exact same industry specific sales training and onboarding experience and it is all self-directed with accountability requirements and reporting. You can budget about $200 per new sales team hire for onboarding and we take care of it for you! Pretty cool, right?

3. The Original and Best Training Available:

This is the original sales training developed by Michael Ferris for home health over the last 20 years. Compare our track record of success with any other offers and discover that you can get the absolute best training, the original for 40 – 60% off the price of others.

4. Optimal Adult Learning and Retention Design

12 Class hours over Eight-weeks: 

The course is delivered over Eight-weeks for a reason. In our legendary live, on-site training classes we have eight basic modules, the building blocks of the sales process, and students participate in group exercises to use what they have just learned. It’s a building process and it works!

In each exercise they are asked to come up with specific type of account and person they are calling on. We encourage them to use real accounts and the market intelligence data they have to direct their strategy. What I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT is that in this course we go through more theory, examples and techniques and then during the week until the next lesson, their homework is to go out and use what they learned, live in their territory, multiple times in different types of accounts and report back success and questions. This delivers the optimal adult learning experience! They read it, see it, hear it and most importantly do it in their own specific environment! It is delivered by the number one trainer in the country who has the proven ability to resonate with our industry’s sales professionals.

5. Industry Specific:

There are lots of sales training programs out there to choose from. How do you choose the right one for your organization?
First and foremost, generic sales training does not apply to home health. So many of the skills and techniques taught in a non-industry specific sales training are just not applicable. Plus, the training does not resonate with your sales professionals.

Within our industry, there are mainly training programs designed for both home health and hospice. There are very specific differences between selling these service lines. Who you sell to, how you sell to them, the verbiage used, value propositions are all different. I can promise you that service line specific makes a big difference in results. 

Home Health specific is very important to the sales professional’s success. As a result, we have two separate courses designed to provide the skills, tactics, strategies and processes to deliver results. There are many similarities between the courses but are very specific to service line where essential.

See Below: Added new module available to anyone selling multiple service lines.

6. Sales Resource Vault, Learning Library and On-Demand Availability:

All weekly classes are available On-demand to meet your team’s scheduling needs. Can be reviewed as needed by students. There is a one-week delay between classes to make sure they use the skills learned during the week and continue to build upon the prior weeks, each successive week. Also, allows for any student needs for vacation, illness, other priorities.

Investment in Learning Management System (LMS) which is a platform to provide controlled access to all of the many features or our training system. This allows for students to access their courses, answer quizzes, report successes and challenges from their week of using skills learned, ask questions, view added videos (role plays and other presentations), access learning library, see their progress; all in an automated fashion. The FAQ library is built by the students as they ask their questions and for help with challenges.

The reporting functionality allows us (for the Enterprise clients) to keep you up-to-date with your sales team member’s progress, results, etc. We also provide you with the ability to access important sales management information to best support your team at each step of their progress.

Sales management support is automated and available on-demand. We want your investment in our best practice sales training to pay the highest return on investment while leveraging your time and talent.

7. Certification

Each sales professional will receive our new certification designations after their successful completion of the 8-week course. Each receive a certificate suitable for framing, a digital badge to use on their social media and the official certification of Certified Home Health Sales Professional™ (CHHSP™)

8. Extras

Extra Module for Sales Professionals Selling Multiple Service Lines – if you have your team selling both hospice and home health, we recommend picking the sales training course for the service line where you want to most boost referrals or where you believe the individual needs the most help. Then they can participate in the extra course on how to adapt or translate some of the key differences between service lines. 

Extra Module for Care Transition Coordinators / Facility Liaisons – how to use your skills in the hospital or facility settings.

We will be adding Extra Modules for many topics and will ask you and your sales team for requests for new Extra Module content.


Thousands Of Successful Satisfied Sales Professionals

Hi Michael, I wanted to reach out and let you know what a wonderful experience I had at your class. I have been struggling to start and maintain a marketing program and I finally have the tools to succeed. After your class I was able to build our marketing program and I have already seen success. It really helped to see the entire referral process from start to finish and discuss how to build, grow and maintain sales accounts. I can’t wait to attend another class and continue to learn more about increasing our company referrals. Your tools make it easy to approach new referral sources and continue to build on the relationships I already have. Since I started marketing, I have felt that I haven’t made the impact I wanted with our referral sources but after your class I started using your techniques and I could instantly see a difference. It feels great to finally see success and see the positive impact of increased referrals.

Alexis B
Sales Professional

Home Health 8-Week Sales Training Course Agenda

8-week Home Health Sales Training Course Information and Agenda

We have taken our best of class home health specific sales training bootcamps and are offering them on-demand to enable you to continue to train your sales team in today’s world of limited travel and social distancing. The home health is designed to be completed in 8 weeks with homework assignment each week to use the skillsets learned in class. Each class builds upon the last and has homework assignments, quizzes and question and answer opportunities.

Each participant will receive their own course access complete with materials. At the conclusion of the course each student will receive a Certification as a Certified Home Health Sales Professional
 - CHHSP, an invitation to join the exclusive Certified Home Health Sales Professional Mastery Group* and opportunity to join the 52-week Sales Training Excellence Course*.

* Only available to Certified Home Health Sales Professionals
  that have successfully completed the 8-week Sales Training Course – additional fees may apply.

8 Week Home Health Sales Training Course Agenda

1) Welcome to Home Health Sales Training: Pre-course Module

a. What to expect
b. How to Prepare
c. Pre-course homework assignment
d. How to get organized
e. Let’s get excited

2) Week One: Introduction to Sales

a. Understanding Home Health & Home Care
b. Home Health Sales Process
c. Who Are My Customers?
d. Exercise

e. Homework Assignment

3) Week Two: Targeting and Territory Management

a. Account and Territory Management
b. What are the data telling me?
c. Account rating and targeting
d. Exercises
e. Homework Assignment

4) Week Three: How to Leverage Your Time and Resources NEW CONTENT!

a. Working remotely
b. Using the telephone to prospect

i. Gather important qualifying information
ii. Setting appointments
iii. How to use mail and email to prepare the prospect

c. Use internal sales to leverage your time
d. Using your CRM solution to manage your activities
e. Exercise
f. Homework Assignment

5) Week Four: Value Propositions

a. What is a Value Proposition?
b. Crafting targeted Value Propositions
c. Value Added Openings
d. Exercise
e. Homework Assignment

6) Week Five: Asking Intelligent Questions

a. Qualifying Questions
b. Probing Discovery Questions
c. Most important skill
d. Exercise
e. Homework Assignment

7) Week Six: Presenting Solutions

a. Presenting Solutions
b. Closing
c. Gaining Commitment
d. Exercise
e. Homework assignment

8) Week Seven: Handling Objections

a. How to handle all objections
b. Exercise
c. Homework

9) Week Eight: Put it All Together

a. Develop and script sales call using skills learned
b. Final homework assignment
c. 90 Day Sales Campaign
d. Set Goals and Plan for Success

Register Your Sales Team Today, Start Seeing Results Immediately!

The course has each Sales Professional focus upon their Top Twenty-Five Accounts from Day One to grow the number of admissions from each of those accounts by expanding how the accounts use your services!

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