Advanced Home Health Sales Training 

January 13, 2022- February 24, 2022 

Presented LIVE and On-Demand

Advanced Home Health Care Sales Training Program

I am super excited to announce the brand-new Advanced Home Health Sales Course that has been in development for over a year! The success of our Sales Training Courses has been phenomenal with Sales Leaders reporting record results for their sales teams.

You are being invited, along with a select group of home health agencies, to take your team's results to the NEXT level! Join Michael Ferris, his top notch training team and a select group of Certified Home Health Sales Professionals for a two day advanced course.

Attendance is Limited to First 100 Students to Enroll

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  • Learn Advanced Probing Questions and Solution Presentation
  • Multi-Layered Questioning Strategies
  • Advanced Objections and Problem Resolution Skills
  • Selling to the C Suite, Payers and ACOs - How to Build Your Provider Network
  • Leave with Your Personal 12-month Success Plan to Double Your Admissions
  • Gain Clinical expertise to take your account relationships to the next level
  • Learn Clinical Disease Based Strategies by Referral Partner Types
  • Using Advanced Market Intelligence Data Strategies and Predictive Analytics
  • How to Increase the Yield on Your Time, Talent and Resources 

Presented live and available within 24 hours on-demand

Only $399 per student ($299 for 20+ students)

*Note: We suggest that the Sales Professional have completed the 8-week Home Health Sales Training Course or attended one of the 2 day Home Health Sales Training Boot Camps. Special pricing available to complete the 8-week course before attending. Each registration comes with a discounted enrollment with instant access (you can take all 8 modules at your convenience) for those who have not completed the basic course OR for those who did complete, but want a refresher.

Advanced Home Health Care Sales Training Agenda

This is a fast paced course for the Super Star Home Health Sales Professional - built upon the Sales Process and Core Sales Skills from our 8-week Course and past Bootcamps.  We recommend that you have complete the 8-week basic training course before starting the advanced training.

Course Introduction Module – on demand following registration – how to maximize the value of this training and harness the lessons learned to double your admissions.

LIVE Classes are held at 2:00pm eastern, 1:00pm central, noon mountain, 11:00am pacific on the following dates:

Week One – January 13thKeys to Sales Success, Goal: Double Your Admissions in 12 months, Current Home Health Care Environment, Future Trends to Watch, Review the Home Health Sales Process, What is my Value Proposition, My Value Added Opening, Group Exercise, LIVE Question & Answer Session

Week Two – January 20thClinical Based Disease Specific Sales Strategies by Referral Partner Type, Developing the Crosswalk from Patient / Referral Partner Need to Your Value Propositions, LIVE Question & Answer Session

Week Three – January 27thAdvanced Account and Territory Management Skills, Using Expanded Communication Methods, Using Market Intelligence Data, Account Rating and Targeting, LIVE Question & Answer Session

Week Four – February 3rdAsking Intelligent Questions to Drive More Admissions from Existing Accounts, Using Multi-layered Questioning Strategies, Beating the Competition, Opening New Accounts, LIVE Question & Answer Session

Week Five – February 10thAdvanced Presenting Solutions Using RAFT, Gaining Commitment, Selling to the C Suite, Building Synergistic Networks, Selling to ACOs, Care Management and Payers, LIVE Question & Answer Session

Bonus Learning Laboratory – February 17thLIVE practice and coaching session – Role Play, LIVE Question & Answer Session

Week Six – February 24thPutting it All Together, Create the 12-month Plan to Double Your Admissions, Using Sales Campaigns, Set Your Goals, LIVE Question & Answer Session

Bonus On-demand Module:  Using Social Media, Videos, Email and Other Electronic Marketing, Innovative Approaches Working in Today’s Market.

Bonus On-demand Module:  Building the Bridge – Working with your clinical and operations team for maximum success.

Bonus On-demand Home Health Module:  Selling Serious Illness / Chronic Disease Management, Palliative Care Services delivered under Home Health

This Program is Designed for the High Achiever and Not for the Faint of Heart

Trainer in Chief

Michael Ferris

"Can’t wait to share this course with your Super Star, Highly Successful Home Healtrh Sales Professionals! It’s the culmination of my twenty+ years as the top thought leader and training expert in the field of hospice sales. This course builds upon the proven industry specific sales strategies and processes taught in our 8-week Course or Bootcamps.  I have assembled an all-star training team to provide the coaching and skills to take their production to the NEXT level. Using best practice adult learning theory  I can now offer you the best Advanced Home Health Sales Training at a price that is extremely accessible for all home health providers.”

"This Advanced Course is For Top Performers who want to continue to build their 'A' accounts and their admissions month over month.  Send me your Top Performers and I'll send you back Super Stars!"

Michael has written the top selling books on home health sales and has consulted to and trained for many of the most successful home health programs in the country. 

Take your Home Health Sales Skills to the NEXT level!  

The Focus of this Course is to Double Admissions over the Next 12 Months by Increasing the Yield on Your Time, Talent and Resources 

You will learn how to increase your admissions, your number of ‘A’ accounts and the techniques and strategies to be a SuperStar Sales Professional. 

Join other experienced and highly successful Sales Professionals all with the same goal – being the very best at what they do, Bring the magic of Home Health to more in the communities they serve!

I look forward to working with you and your team for these amazing new courses designed to empower you and your team to achieve Super Star Success by taking your skills to the next level.


Thousands Of Successful Satisfied Sales Professionals

I can't even start to tell you how much this Bootcamp has made a difference in my approach.  I have been selling home health for 7 years and realize now that I was completely dependent upon having goodies to give out.  Now I am able to build my relationships built on value and have turned many infrequent referrals into solid 'A' accounts.  I made President's Circle this year for the first time.  Let me know when you have an advanced class!"

Mary Elizabeth R.
Home Health Sales Professional

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