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Newest Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy Course is 
Now Available!

Goal for all Sales Professionals taking this course is to Double their Admissions over the 12 months following course completion.

The New 52-week Sales Challenge Course

The Perfect Weekly Sales Challenge to Drive Admissions

The Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy is proud to announce the 52-week Sales Challenge Course. Students have access to the course plus all of the elements in the Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library as soon as they register and weekly for 52-weeks. 

With each student registration, they have access to:

52 Week Sales Challenge

52 weeks of sales support that challenges the Sales Professional to outperform and over achieve each week and each month of 2021.

This program is designed to provide each Sales Professional with actionable ideas, strategies, tactics and reinforcement of the sales skills they have learned.  Each week stands alone and is intended to both motivate and support their success every week of the year.  Each month (just prior to end of month) the monthly lesson will be sent out to provide timely, seasonal thematic sales campaigns and support for the Sales Professional.

Combined they receive 64 separate bite sized sales support lessons throughout the year.  (Every Sales Professional Enrolled will receive 52 weekly lessons and 12 monthly lessons.)

New Course – starts January 4th and continues every Monday in your email inbox for 52 weeks.

Each Week You Receive:

  • Hospice and Palliative Care Sales Tip / Strategy / Skill Coaching Idea
  • Home Health Sales Tip / Strategy / Skill Coaching Idea
  • Clinical Corner – sales training tips – disease specific sales approaches
  • Referral Partner specific sales tips – specific strategies by referral partner type
  • The Weekly Sales Challenge

Each Month You Receive (just before the end of the prior month):

  • Hospice and Palliative Care Monthly Themed Sales Campaign
  • Home Health Monthly Themed Sales Campaign
  • Clinical Corner related to this month’s diseases related to theme
  • Monthly Plan of Action and Sales Challenge

Plus:  Year-long access to the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library

All of this for only:
$156 each (only $3.00 / week) – 1 to 19 Sales Professionals enrolled
$104 each (only $2.00 / week) – Enterprise Clients (20+ enrolled)

Promotional Offer (expires December 30th at midnight):

Pre-Launch Special Offer:

  • 4 Bonus Weeks that will never be offered again!
  • 2021 Year Kick-off Lesson never to be offered again!
  • December 15, 2021 Special 2021 Sales Kickoff Special Webinar with Live Q&A or watch recorded Webinar after that date:  Success in 2021 and Beyond:  Plan and Prepare for Strategic Growth
  • Bonus Content: 
    • How to conduct the most successful presentations and in-services
    • Building your success avatar – sales success profile
    • Year-end planning tools

All of these bonuses are yours at no extra charge for registering for the new 52-week Sales Support Program that begins on January 4th, 2021.

52-week Sales Support Program for Hospice, Palliative Care or Home Health Sales Professionals

Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library

The program is giving me tools to increase my sales skills.”  Hospice Sales Professional – Texas

Bonus On-demand Module: Using Social Media, Videos, Email and Other Electronic Marketing, Innovative Approaches Working in Today’s Market.

Bonus On-demand Module: Building the Bridge – Working with your clinical and operations team for maximum success.

Bonus On-demand Home Health Module: Selling Serious Illness / Chronic Disease Management, Palliative Care Services delivered under Home Health.

And more…..

Plus these valuable modules and tools:

Masters of Home Health Sales Interview Series access

Access to the assets in the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library containing over 60 assets.  Includes class modules, videos, role play examples, forms, articles and much more.

Access to the Advanced Sales Training Course ONLY assets in the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library.

This Program is Designed for the High Achiever and Not for the Faint of Heart

Trainer in Chief

Michael Ferris

"Can’t wait to share this course with your Super Star, Highly Successful Home Health Sales Professionals! It’s the culmination of my twenty+ years as the top thought leader and training expert in the field of hospice sales. This course builds upon the proven industry specific sales strategies and processes taught in our 8-week Course or Bootcamps. I have assembled an all-star training team to provide the coaching and skills to take their production to the NEXT level. Using best practice adult learning theory I can now offer you the best Advanced Home Health Sales Training at a price that is extremely accessible for all home health providers.”

"This Advanced Course is For Top Performers who want to continue to build their 'A' accounts and their admissions month over month. Send me your Top Performers and I'll send you back Super Stars!"

Michael has written the top selling books on home health sales and has consulted to and trained for many of the most successful home health programs in the country.

Thousands Of Successful Satisfied Sales Professionals

GOOD information – I wouldn’t change anything.  Really makes my job easier, I just coach to what they learned in the course.  Thank you!

Mark Y.
Home Health Sales Manager

I learned a lot of great techniques I believe will be very helpful in my marketing.

Lourdes D.
Home Health Sales Professional

Very educational and will help me in the future in marketing. I wouldn’t change a thing. You hit on everything.

Mark R.
Home Health Sales Professional

I liked the course. I liked that it was one hour and we had a week to try the tactics and report back and build on it.

Jennifer H.
Home Health Sales Professional

The course provided is informative. And Michael Ferris presented the course on a more realistic approach rather than mere “theory”. Thank you.

Marilyn R.
Home Health Sales Professional

I loved the education provided on this course. Due to the hard times with Covid, we are encountering a lot of trouble getting into and talking to these accounts.

Marsha H.
Home Health Sales Professional

I love that I can go back and review the class anytime, the more I listen to each session the more I take away! Love the resources in the learning library.

Manny F.
Home Health Sales Professional

I believe this course is spot on with bringing all sales opportunities into alignment with strategy, challenges, goals and more.

This is an excellent course!

Shelley A.
Home Health Sales Professional

I have really enjoyed it. I wish it could have been in person, I think I would have retained more but I understand why! Thank you

Shellie Boston
Home Health Sales Professional

I feel like this course gave me more confidence on approaching objections and helping strategize which accounts to focus on the most.

Jamie (Taylor) T.
Home Health Sales Professional

As a new sales manager, the Home Health Sales Training was eye-opening. Establishing the fundamentals of the sales process, gaining a better understanding of the challenges faced by referral partners, developing our value proposition and articulating it in a way that provides solutions to referral partners and how to handle objections was so well presented in an easy format and will carry with me as our team develops our business development strategy. This course is a must for new sales reps and even those who have been successful and seasoned.

Nicole G.
Home Health Sales Manager

Hi Michael, I wanted to reach out and let you know what a wonderful experience I had at your class. I have been struggling to start and maintain a marketing program and I finally have the tools to succeed. After your class I was able to build our marketing program and I have already seen success. It really helped to see the entire referral process from start to finish and discuss how to build, grow and maintain sales accounts. I can’t wait to attend another class and continue to learn more about increasing our company referrals. Your tools make it easy to approach new referral sources and continue to build on the relationships I already have. Since I started marketing, I have felt that I haven’t made the impact I wanted with our referral sources but after your class I started using your techniques and I could instantly see a difference. It feels great to finally see success and see the positive impact of increased referrals.

Alexis B.
Home Health Sales Professional

I can’t even start to tell you how much this Bootcamp has made a difference in my approach.  I have been selling home health for 7 years and realize now that I was completely dependent upon having goodies to give out.  Now I am able to build my relationships built on value and have turned many infrequent referrals into solid ‘A’ accounts.  I made President’s Circle this year for the first time.  Let me know when you have an advanced class!

Mary Elizabeth R.
Home Health Sales Professional