Is Your Referral (Intake) Center

an Asset or a Liability?

Hospice Referral Center Training 

Now Available On-demand

Optimize Your Referral Management 

It's finally here! The NEXT level in Hospice & Palliative Care Referral Center Training.  We are so excited to announce the brand-new Hospice Referral Center Training Course that has been in development for over a year!

You are being invited, along with a select group of hospice agencies, to take your Referral Center team's results to the NEXT level! Join Katherine Northcutt and Michael Ferris along with a select group of Top Hospice Programs for this high impact, results driven course.

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  • Deliver the absolute best customer service experience for Referral Partners, Internal Staff, Patients and Families
  • Empower and enjoy the culture of customer service excellence
  • Drive census growth and dominate your competition
  • Reduce the time from referral to admission
  • Manage non-admits and pending lists
  • Handle the "not ready" objection
  • Access to Clinical Resource Library and Referral Center Resource Library to Support Your Team
  • Phone customer service skills for best customer relationships
  • Optimize staff availability
  • How to Increase the Yield of Your Time, Talent and Resources!

Available On-demand

Students have Access for a Full-year

Includes Access to Clinical Resource Library, Referral Center Resource Library, FAQs and Train the Trainer Successful Patient / Family Meetings

Only $1249 for Base Master License (includes Referral Center Leader and 4 Users)

Additional User Licenses are only $99 each  

*Note: This is a course built upon decades of experience with the top Hospice programs in the nation.  The processes, workflows, practices, tips, tricks and techniques taught will empower your Referral Center team to embody their passion to serve the patients and families in their communities.

Hospice Referral Center Training Agenda

This is a course for everyone involved in the Referral Management Process - built to empower the entire team to deliver customer-centric, highly efficient results.  Hardwire the processes that deliver optimal results:  improved time from referral to admission with the highest customer satisfaction.

Exciting new class designed to empower your Referral Center (Intake) Team to:

  • Deliver the absolute best customer service experience for Referral Partners, Internal Staff, Patients and Families
  • Empower and enjoy the culture of customer service excellence
  • Drive census growth and dominate your competition
  • Reduce the time from referral to admission
  • Manage non-admits and pending lists
  • Handle the "not ready" objection
  • Optimize staff availability
  • and much, much, more

Introductory Module – available after registration – How to get the most out of this training and how to prepare for the course ahead 

Module 1 – Providing Legendary Customer Service in the Referral Process

Module 2 – Improving the Experience for Patients and Families

Module 3 – Working with Professional Referral Partners

Module 4 – Tying it all Together – Streamlining your processes

Train the Trainer - Successful Patient and Family Meetings

HRCP™ Certification

Upon Completion of Course and passing the final exam, each student receives certification as a Hospice Referral Center Professional™ (HRCP™) with personalized certificate for download and framing.

Referral Center Training Course includes:

  • Introductory and Modules 1 – 4 available permanently on-demand for future training and review
  • All Modules and Q&A sessions recordings are available on-demand
  • FAQ Database – a searchable database of questions and answers
  • Ask the Experts – submit your questions to get the expert answers
  • Office Hours – live office hours to answer questions, discuss challenges and brainstorm great Referral Center operations.
  • Bonus Modules including:
    • Train the Trainer course for Successful Patient and Family Meetings
    • Resource Library containing:
      • Tools and forms for Referral Center operational excellence
    • Clinical Resource Library including:
      • 12 video training modules for major disease processes and LCDs for hospice
      • 60+ disease descriptions with signs and symptoms
    • Hospice 101 Training Course for the staff member new to the industry
  • And much, much, more...

Course Objectives:

  1. Perform a thorough analysis of your current customer service level as it relates to processing referrals and working with both internal (clinical and sales) and external customers (patients, families and Referral Partners).
  2. Define a strategy involving the entire Hospice team for improving access to care and re-branding the Intake department to reflect a dedication to optimal performance and customer-centricity.
  3. Learn how to develop a Legendary Customer Service referral center focused on patients and families, and grow your census to new highs.
  4. Execute an agency wide customer service strategy and monitor ongoing progress towards established goals in the referral and admission process to ensure a customer-centric culture.

This Program is Designed for the Hospice Program dedicated to Serving More Patients and Families in the Communities They Serve.  

Training Team

Katherine Northcutt, RN, 

"I absolutely love working with hospice referral centers to empower them to drive amazing success while delivering the optimal customer service experience.  Sharing my decades of experience, tips and tricks with new students is why I am so excited with this new training course.”

"This course is designed for all sizes and shapes of hospice organizations.  Can't wait to share it with your team!"

Katherine is the national expert in referral management and has experience as the VP of Training and Development for three of the top performing, publicly traded agencies, Senior Project Manager for a large industry specific consulting firm and on the clinical operations side.

She has designed workflows and processes for many top performing hospices and trained countless hospice referral management teams, program representatives and admission nurses. 

Training Team

Michael Ferris

Best known for Strategic Growth Consulting and Training programs, Michael has developed the best practices for all processes from making the phone ring to successful patient admission.  His belief has always been that the Referral Center is the glue that holds the hospice together.  

"I believe the Referral Centers are uniquely positioned to perpetuate and accentuate the hospice's customer-centric culture.  This training program has been in the works for several years.  I can't wait to share it with you."

Michael has written the top selling books on hospice sales, referral management and has consulted to and trained for many of the most successful hospice programs in the country. 

Take your Hospice Referral Center Team Productivity to the Next Level! 

You will learn how to increase your conversion rate and total admissions, while decreasing the time from referral to admission.


Keep your best ‘A’ accounts happy and confident in your hospice's abilities to meet their needs.  Build the bridge with the Clinical Team and the Sales Team.

Join other experienced and highly successful Hospice Referral Center Professionals all with the same goal: being the very best at what they do, and Bring the magic of Hospice to more in the communities they serve!

We look forward to working with you and your team for these amazing new courses designed to empower you and your team to achieve Optimal Referral Management Success by taking your skills to the next level.

Email if you have any questions.

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