5-week Sales Management Training 

New!  From Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy  
5-week  Basic Sales Management Training Course Now Available 
Most Sales Managers Have Never Received Formal Training

The New 5-week Sales Management

Basic Training Course

Industry Specific Sales Management Course

The newest course from the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy is the 5-week Sales Management Basic Training Course!  Most Sales Managers have never had formal sales management training!  This course is guaranteed to make a difference in your results immediately.

Students in the Course will have the opportunity to ask questions , submit their team information for coaching and strategic advice and participate with a limited number of progressive sales leaders from hospice, palliative care and home health.

Entire Course Plus Access to the Bonus Modules and Sales Resource Vault
and Learning Library is only $399 ($299 for Enterprise Sales Training Clients)
Students have access to the course plus all of the sales management resources in the Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library.  With each student registration, they have access to:
  • 5-week Sales Management Basic Training Course
  • Sales Resource Vault containing short videos that provide quick refresher for the skills learned in the class.
  • Learning Library containing articles, research, forms and instructional documents to support their ongoing success.
  • Sales Managers have  access to special sales management support documents.
  • Office Hours - Michael Ferris, Trainer in Chief, will hold office hours periodically that will be offered only to students enrolled in the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy.

The New 5-Week Sales Management Basic Training Course is now accepting registrations!  

Entire Course Plus Access to the Bonus Modules and Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library is only $399 ($299 for Enterprise Sales Training Clients)

Learn from the National Experts, Michael Ferris and Andy Yurasko, how to be a Highly Successful Sales Leader that Delivers Top Results!  Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this New 5-week Sales Management Training Course – Attend class starting as soon as today

Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy presents the 5-week Sales Management Basic Training Course plus bonus modules and access to the Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library.

All Classes will be Available on-demand and dripped out weekly.


Pre-course Module

  • What to Expect
  • How to Prepare
  • Homework in Preparation for First Class
  • Pre-Course Work and Survey
  1. Week One:  Introduction the Sales Management
    1. Sales Leadership
    2. The Different Roles of the Sales Manager
    3. Using CRM to Manage Team and Leverage Time
    4. Focus on Entire Team – Segment Team to Drive Coaching
    5. Territory Alignment
    6. Sales Structure
    7. Selling Different Service Lines
    8. Homework Assignment
  2. Week Two:  Sales Process Driven Sales Training
    1. The Healthcare Strategica Sales Process
    2. Coaching and Training Your Team
    3. Hospice and Home Health Strategies and Tactics
    4. Developing and Using Value Propositions / Key Messaging
    5. Healthcare Strategica Sales Formula
    6. Sales Training is a Building Process
    7. Key Account Sales Strategies and Selling to the C Suite
    8. Homework Assignment
  3. Week Three:  Coaching and Mentoring – Secret to Optimal Team Performance
    1. How to Coach the Healthcare Strategica Sales Process
    2. Focus on the Key Elements of Sales Training
    3. Pull Through Excellence for Each Team Member
    4. Field Coaching Strategies
    5. Remote Coaching Strategies
    6. Mentoring the Superstar Performers
    7. Homework Assignments
  4. Week Four:  Managing the Team to Drive Success
    1. Activity and Performance Reporting
    2. Communication Secrets
    3. Interviewing / Recruiting / Hiring / Onboarding / Retaining the Best
    4. Performance Improvement Plans
    5. Managing Compliance
    6. Homework Assignments
  5. Week Five:  Measuring and Rewarding Success / Course Review and Wrap-up
    1. Metrics and Measurements
    2. Using Market Intelligence Data
    3. Setting Quotas and Performance Expectations
    4. Incentive Compensation Plans
    5. Building Strategic Partnerships / Service Networks
    6. Future Trends to Watch / Prepare / Build Programs to Meet
    7. Using Outcomes to Drive Sales
    8. Working with Operations / Clinical
    9. Course Review and Wrap-up
    10. Homework Assignments

Bonus Modules:

  • Managing Remote Sales Teams
  • Implementing Inside Sales
  • Managing Clinical Transition Coordinators / Hospital Liaisons

I have always said, find out what is important to your customers and know what they need and want. In creating this virtual learning program, I asked you what you need and designed it based on what you told me. I think you will be thrilled and I am really excited to tell you all about it.

You let me know:

  • Just how tough it is financially right now for you

  • How stretched for time you are

  • How important referral partner relationships are and the flow of consistent quality referrals

  • That the new referrals you are seeing, under current environment, reflect an even lower LOS

  • That you had some questions on just how this new training format will work for your sales team

Pricing Structure:

$399 Per Sales Manager
$299 Per Sales Manager (Enterprise Clients - 8-week Sales Training Clients with 10+ licenses)

How Does the On-demand Course Work?

The On-demand course starts the day you register and continues for 5-weeks:

  • The students will have access to the 5-weekly courses starting on day one, after completing the first course, they will have access to the subsequent courses one week apart. This makes sure they follow the design and get the full benefit of the use of what they learned in their accounts between lessons.

  • If your student has a vacation or illness or whatever interruption, they will be able to resume the course and continue at their pace and on their schedule.

  • You have access to the course modules for one-year for review and ongoing reference

  • You have access to the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library with Sales Management access level for the full-year as well.

Michael Ferris

"Can’t wait to share this course with your sales leaders! It’s the culmination of my twenty+ years as the top thought leader and training expert in the field of hospice sales. I’ve combined the proven industry specific sales managment strategies, sales processes, coaching skills and tactics into this 5-week course. Using best practice adult learning theory  I can now offer you the best sales management training at a price that is extremely accessible for all hospice and home health providers. Long-term with the learning library and support tools, I see this as my legacy and gift to the industry.”

Michael has written the top selling books on hospice sales and has consulted to and trained for many of the most successful hospice programs in the country. 

Here are the Eight Top Reasons to Sign Your Team Up Today:

1. Value

We were able to cut pricing to the bone to bring amazing value to you right now, when you need it most and into the future. This is as a reflection of what is most important to you today and into the future.

New Pricing Structure:
$399 per student
$299 per student (Enterprise Client with 10+ 8-week sales training course licenses)

Enterprise Program Details:
Any client who had 10 or more students in the 8-week  Hospice Sales Training Course or the 8-week Home Health Sales Training Course  qualify for the $100 discount on the Sales Management  Basic Training Course 

Note: Customized Sales Training Courses are available and priced based on number of students and customized content. Contact Michael Ferris at Michael@HealthcareStrategica.com

2. Time Saving Solution / Long-Term Partner Relationship:

You told us that you don’t have enough time. Your leadership team and sales management are strapped for time under normal circumstances and in current environment is impossible. This sales training system is designed to provide you the best training available for your team with the least amount of time from your management team.

The goal is to be your long-term outsourced sales training and management support partner. With our new system we will set you up to be able to issue log-in instructions for each new hire as a part of your best practice sales professional onboarding. This way each of your sales team members will have the exact same industry specific sales training and onboarding experience and it is all self-directed with accountability requirements and reporting. You can budget between $200 and $250 per new sales team hire for onboarding and we take care of it for you! Pretty cool, right?

3. The Original and Best Training Available:

This is the original sales training developed by Michael Ferris for hospice & palliative care over the last 20 years. Compare our track record of success with any other offers and discover that you can get the absolute best training, the original  for 40 – 60% off the price of others.

4. Optimal Adult Learning and Retention Design

8 Class hours over 5-weeks:

The course is delivered over 5-weeks for a reason. In our legendary live, on-site training classes we have basic modules, the building blocks of the sales process, and students participate in group exercises to use what they have just learned. It’s a building process and it works!

Each week is about 1.5-hour classroom time plus they will be working to use and perfect what they learned in the field during the week. There is a 25-minute pre-course class to view at their convenience before week one. It will help them understand what to expect and prepare them to get the most out of this experience.

5. Industry Specific:

There are lots of sales training programs out there to choose from. How do you choose the right one for your organization?

First and foremost, generic sales training does not apply to hospice & palliative care. So many of the skills and techniques taught in a non-industry specific sales training are just not applicable. Plus, the training does not resonate with your hospice sales professionals. 

Within our industry, there are mainly training programs designed for both home health and hospice. There are very specific differences between selling these service lines. Who you sell to, how you sell to them, the verbiage used, value propositions are all different. I can promise you that service line specific makes a big difference in results. Physicians are much more important in the hospice sales process than in home health, as an example. Plus you need to take into consideration how the referral partner feels about hospice, whether they advocate for it and how they run their practice to really have the connections you need for success.

Hospice specific is very important to the sales professional’s success. As a result, this course is all hospice & palliative care and is designed to provide the skills, tactics, strategies and processes to deliver results. There are many similarities between the courses but are very specific to service line where essential.

See Below: Added new module available to anyone selling multiple service lines. If you sell both, we recommend you take the hospice course and pay close attention to the extra module on using what you learned to adapt to your home health sales activities.

6. Sales Resource Vault, Learning Library and 5-week Course Available On-demand:

All weekly classes are available On-demand to meet your scheduling needs. Can be reviewed as needed. There is a one-week delay between classes to make sure they use the skills learned during the week and continue to build upon the prior weeks, each successive week. Also, allows for any student needs for vacation, illness, other priorities.

Combine the Sales Management Course with the 8-week Sales Training Courses for Maximum Results!

Investment in Learning Management System (LMS) which is a platform to provide controlled access to all of the many features or our training system. This allows for students to access their courses, answer quizzes, report successes and challenges from their week of using skills learned, ask questions, view added videos (role plays and other presentations), access learning library, see their progress; all in an automated fashion. The FAQ library is built by the students as they ask their questions and for help with challenges.

The reporting functionality allows us (for the Enterprise clients) to keep you up-to-date with your sales team member’s progress, results, etc. We also provide you with the ability to access important sales management information to best support your team at each step of their progress.

Sales management support is automated and available on-demand. We want your investment in our best practice sales training to pay the highest return on investment while leveraging your time and talent.

7. Certification

Each Sales Management Professional will receive the designation and certificate as a Certified Sales Management Professional CSMP.

Each sales professional in 8-week course will receive our new certification designations after their successful completion of the 8-week course. Each receive a certificate suitable for framing, a digital badge to use on their social media and the official certification: Certified Hospice Sales Professional™ (CHSP™)

8. Extras

Extra Module for Sales Professionals Selling Multiple Service Lines – if you have your team selling both hospice and home health, we recommend picking the sales training course for the service line where you want to most boost referrals or where you believe the individual needs the most help. Then they can participate in the extra course on how to adapt or translate some of the key differences between service lines. 

Extra Module for Care Transition Coordinators / Facility Liaisons – how to use your skills in the hospital or facility settings.

We will be adding Extra Modules for many topics and will ask you and your sales team for requests for new Extra Module content.


Thousands Of Successful Satisfied Sales Professionals

Hi Michael, I'd like to take a little time to say THANK YOU for an energizing and valuable Boot Camp! I left feeling so focused and confident in structuring my accounts and messaging-we covered everything from the 'who' to the 'how' and I thank you for this-it's so easy to get overwhelmed in this profession, but you make it fun and got our group back to remembering the 'why'... I have already utilized a few things I learned and it's definitely paid off!

Dawn B.
Hospice Sales Professional

Each session will be available on-demand each week, students will be able to review any class on-demand anytime.

Custom programs can be developed for larger organizations – please inquire to Michael Ferris at michael@healthcarestrategica.com

Register Your Sales Management Team Today, Start Seeing Results Immediately! 

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